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I saw a picture of me and I didn’t recognize myself. I thought: Do people see me like this? Am I like this?


Luca Carboni and Gabriel Da Costa are developing a research about images in our contemporary world.


The process starts when we press the trigger, when we click on the button of the camera. We focus on that moment of the click. We repeat it, we freeze it and expand it, we analyze the feeling in it. 

What images are nowadays being engraved into our brains? How do we consume these images? How do we alter them? How do we control them by actively holding one instant over all others?


How do we become the directors of our lifes by staging the reality? How does this staged reality affect how we perceive ourselves and how future generations will perceive their past? How do the images we see affect our memory?


How would we like to be remembered?


The Blink Experiment is a modern look at where society and individuals could be headed.

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