Gabriel Da Costa


He is French – Portuguese and graduated from Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion (INSAS, Brussels). He worked in Belgium, France, Italy and Scotland with the theatre directors Emma Dante, Matthew Lenton, Ingrid Von Wantoch-Rekowski, Sophie Maillard, Caspar Langhoff, Tatjana Pessoa, Ricci/Forte. He is a member of the company Collectif Novae - Brussels. His directing credits include Etal Urbain at the BXL Bravo Festival, Brussels and COMIDA, at the Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Brussels. He has also written and directed three shows for children, Amado Mio, Territory and The Comedy of the Art. His film credits includes La Chambre, by Sophie Maillard and Even lovers get the blues, by Laurent Micheli.





Luca Carboni


He grew up in Bologna, Italy and graduated from Piccolo Teatro Drama School in Milan. since 2002 he has been developing theatre project and collaborations in Italy, France and Belgium, working for public theatres and indipendent companies and among the others with the directors Luca Ronconi, Massimo Castri, Arthur Nauzyciel, Tatjana Pessoa, Matthew Lenton.  From 2008 to 2015 he was president of the company Gli Incauti. He is a member of the collective Saveria Project, founded in 2015 and  settled in Bologna, Italy, to promote and produce contemporary art and theatre. Since 2010 he has been working on several video art projects, including all the video installations  of the Blink Experiment project and the video making of the show La Baraque (Thionville – Saarbrucken, 2015). His movie credits iclude Agata e la tempesta by Sivio Soldini, Apnea by Roberto Dordit, Cielo e Terra By Luca Mazzieri and Magdalen’s Song by M. Campiotti.