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There are two of us. But when creating, we form a single duo. A character which is the expression of a coherent part of each of us. But which, when confronted with the other, becomes a singular creative identity. A heteronym which is complex in nature, and therefore requires its own name. But we haven’t yet managed to agree on a name.

Since 2013, we present works through co-creation. The artistic forms born of our collaboration are so many reflections of our intimate trajectories. Each creation is conceived as an experience, the starting point of which is a reflection on how we look at ourselves and at our world. We are theatre artists.

We want to take our experience of digital imaging and new technologies and bring it face-to-face with theatre - combining the two disciplines. To speak of our time, of our “society of the image”, is also to build a scenic language where the body and the presence of the actor mixes with the language of images.

Our work mixes performance art, theatre, video art and new technologies, and to date can count several shows, performances and various video installations.

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