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one van, two musicians, the windows are being projected on from three sides, nine passengers climb in. The start of a road trip

“That feeling ...

monotonous engine noise and endless landscapes …

when the engine and music are in motion ...

only a kilometre-long microcosm remains ....

rhythmically, meditatively, the central reservation passes beneath me,

an endless trail of stripes: black, white, black, white …

I lose myself in my thoughts,

the road leads from landscapes to associations, memories and desires.

Quest or escape? Or is it the same thing?

It smells of freedom.”

Every TRIP evening has its own dynamic.

Each one is on its own journey.

From the individual TRIP-indulgence, where you get lost and wake up dazed only when

the door to reality opens up again, to a moment of collective madness in which the van

transforms into a gigantic percussion instrument and ends in an endless drum session.


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